About Us

Have a memorizing experience of Quality Sweets
Choudhary Misthaan Bhandar was founded in 1924, by Late Shri Jamuna Prasad Choudhary. It excels in making "Desi sweets" and soon became the most famous sweet shop in the region. His legacy was carried forward by his second son Mr. Hem Chand Choudhary, who has done his engineering from REC, Jabalpur.

Shri Jamuna Prasad Choudhary invented a sweet named "Chironji ka halwa" which is the premier product available in this shop and is even carried to US, UAE, UK and other far regions of this world on demand of many who tested it before. Chironji (aka Charoli) is a dry fruit which is mostly grown in the forests and collected by tribals. Chironji is an expensive dry fruit with multiple health benefits and with a limited supply. The sweet is normally sold hot in loose state and hence it is called halwa.

Second most innovative product he invented was "Khobe ki Jalebi". Instead of usage maida to bind the jalebi, we use "Tekhur", which is an item can be consumed by people during fast. Our shop has also features in "Top ten extra ordinary taste of India" article by Times magazine.

All the sweets prepared in the shop are cooked in Desi Ghee and no Dalda oils are used. Our shop has a quite different and very informal look and feel. It is located in the city center at Teen Batti, Gour Murthi.